Raising the Awareness of Heat Suffocation

12 Nov 2015

This month we’re looking at the issue of protecting baby from the dangers associated with heat.  I’m very pleased to be able to share a guest blog from Emma Lovell, Director of Fly Babee (another amazing Australian invention!).  Emma shares her knowledge on the prevention of heat suffocation and introduces her product, Fly Babee, as one option to continue to enjoy getting out and about with baby in a safe environment.

Keeping Baby Safe this Summer

As Winter makes way for Spring, and the weather heats up; we find ourselves drawn to the outdoors to make the most of beaches, parks and the outdoors. But there are brutal dangers to covering your baby’s stroller with a wrap in hot weather. Wraps provide inadequate airflow, thus increasing baby’s risk of suffocation.

We’re huge advocates for getting baby out and about whilst keeping them on their all-important sleep routine, but warn against parents covering their baby’s stroller with a blanket or wrap to shield them from the sun.

The Local reports over heating and re-breathing co2 are risk factors of SIDS and suffocation. It is a common sight; many parents will drape a thin blanket or scarf over their baby’s stroller in a bid to shade them from the heat. However research has shown that the practice could be putting babies in danger.

“It gets extremely hot in the stroller… there is also bad circulation of air and it would quickly become uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for the child.”

The paper conducted an experiment to see just how hot it could get inside a stroller when covered, leaving it out in the sun between 11.30am and 1pm on a warm day. Without a blanket or scarf covering the stroller, the temperature reached 22C. However when a thin wrap was placed over for the next 30 minutes, the heat rose dramatically to 34C. After an hour, the temperature sat at a sweltering 37C.

The risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is dramatically increased when a young baby is exposed to intense heat – which means that, while many parents believe they are sheltering their children from the sun, they could actually be placing their offspring in more danger.

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How does Fly Babee combat this issue?

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Emma Lovell, Director, FlyBabee



Thanks so much Emma!  What a fantastic innovation.  I also love that this product is perfect for travelling with baby on flights!

Have a wonderful safe week.

Tara x

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