What’s in your Nappy Bag?

03 Feb 2015

Becoming new parents can be overwhelming.  There’s just so much to learn “on the job”!  One question often asked is how to ensure you have everything you need for a worry free day (or hour!) with baby away from home.  So we’ve asked the experts what you really need in your Nappy Bag.  Here’s what the BornOnline Midwives had to say:

Nappy Bags

Once your baby is born, your ventures to the shopping mall, super market or any outing will be a whole new experience. No matter how many times you double check you have it all, I’m sure there is going to be at least once you get caught out. So, the question is, what do you need when going out with a baby?

BornOnline Midwives suggest you do not leave home without:

Extras you may need, depending on your child and the age of your child:

I also like to fit in my own wallet, lip balm, phone and car keys, to save me having to carry around 2 bags.

A Pram Hook for Shopping Bags is also a great idea. If you are going out using your pram then likely there is somewhere you can sit your bag, but if not, then I recommend getting a pram hook, if not for your nappy bag, then for the shopping bags.

You can also get a product called a  “Nappy Wallet” which are just big enough to fit a few nappy’s, wipes, nappy cream, disposable nappy bags and a spare outfit in it. They usually can fit just in your normal handbag and may be a great alternative when you do not want to take your big nappy bag with you.

As your baby gets older you will need more and more space, as they will need food, drink, and plenty of spare clothes. But the above should be able to help you in the first 4 or so months.

Oh, and make sure you have The Baby Diaries App to capture baby’s feed, sleep, nappy routine while you’re out, and of course to take photos of these special times!


WOW!  That’s a fantastic and comprehensive list… One tip I would add is to always re-stock your Nappy Bag as soon as you get home so that it’s ready to go next time.

That leaves just one more thing to consider ……. WHICH NAPPY BAG?  There are so many options available.  At The Baby Diaries we recommend getting a bag you’re happy to have for at least the coming 12 to 18 months, one that is large enough for the essentials listed above, and overall a Nappy Bag that is stylish, functional and affordable.

We love the range offered by Australian company Bubba Bags!  AND during February we’ll be giving you the chance to win one!



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